Not Just Any Movie Premiere: PCAK Video Will Save Lives


Not Just Any Movie Premiere:

PCAK Video Will Save Lives

Louisville, KY (May 6, 2019) – Baptist Health rolled out the red carpet on Monday, May 6, for a movie premiere that will save the lives of thousands of Kentucky infants.  

The film, created by Prevent Child Abuse of Kentucky, educates caregivers about safe sleep practices and pediatric abusive head trauma. The Kentucky Hospital Association will distribute it to every birthing center in the state, meaning it will be viewed by more than 50,000 new parents each year in more than 100 hospitals. WellCare Health Plans sponsored the video.

"With 54,000 live births in Kentucky each year, we know there’s a significant audience of new parents that can benefit from learning how to keep their babies as safe as possible,” said Jill Seyfred, Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky.

The Kentucky Hospital Association, along with other key partners, will play an important role in ensuring this educational video reaches this sizable audience. “Becoming a new parent can be both overwhelming and joyous,” said Donna Meador, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Kentucky Hospital Association. “Our birthing hospitals are in an unique position to provide immediate support to new parents, and through this ground-breaking educational video, we can protect thousands of infant lives.” 

Liz Renner, whose personal testimony is featured in the video is the mother of Colton, a 3-1/2-year old child who suffered Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma at the hands of a caregiver when he was an infant.

“My hope is our personal story can be shared with as many new parents as possible so others can prevent this type of trauma from happening to their babies,” said Renner.

“Many of us remember taking a child home from the hospital and thinking ‘Where’s the instruction book?’” said Ben Orris, Chief Operating Officer of WellCare of Kentucky. “This video won’t give instructions for all of parenthood’s challenges, but it will give parents some of the information they need to keep their children safe as newborns. As the largest Medicaid provider in the state of Kentucky, we believe strongly in the importance of prevention practices. Often, information IS prevention.” 

WellCare was also be recognized as a Partner of the Year by Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky. “As the presenting sponsor of the safety video, as well as a continued Child Abuse Prevention Month partner who helps implement awareness campaigns and events across the Commonwealth every April, WellCare has proven itself a champion of some of our most vulnerable Kentuckians,” said Seyfred. “Their commitment to Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky – and to the children we work to protect – is an example of committed corporate citizenship.”