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"As a child advocacy nonprofit board member, I can tell you a lot of people don't fully realize that just because there's a recession it doesn't mean the need goes away. In fact, in many cases, the need increases. So if you're lucky enought to afford to make donations to worthy causes that help the helpless, please do."
-Thomas Huynh

S.Banjo and S. Mitra Kalita, Feb. 1, 2010

One third of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the cycle of abuse. If we are to continue to fulfill our mission, to prevent the abuse and neglect of Kentucky�s children we need your support. Help us break the cycle with a cycle of giving.

You can make a difference�.

$5 will equip 10 parents with tools for stress management

$10 provides 5 families with support or referrals on 1-800-CHILDREN

$25 will educate 50 new parents about the dangers of shaking a baby

$52 will provide extensive parenting instruction for an entire family

Honor someone special by giving a gift in honor or in memory of a family member, friend or colleague. Your tax-deductible contribution will be acknowledged in the next issue of our newsletter and we will send appropriate acknowledgment to the individual (s) in your name.


PCAK Values Donors

As a donor to PCAK your information will not be shared outside our organization and will be used for the sole purpose of tracking donations. As a donor, your name or business name/logo may be displayed in the PCAK Annual Report and on the PCAK website in Donor Highlights. As a donor, you may remain anonymous by contacting us at 859-225-8879 or via email at

You may additionally donate to PCAK or find additional information such as program accomplishments and financial information at

Other ways to give�
Gifts under your will (also known as bequests) can be designated to support Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky

  • Donations of stocks and annuities
  • Individual donations
  • Donate used ink cartridges to PCAK
  • Donate used cell phones to PCAK
  • Use as your search engine. Select Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky and every search will raise money for the prevention of child abuse in Kentucky.
  • Donate your time and talents to help PCAK spread the message of child abuse and neglect prevention across the state.

Donations and gifts have the opportunity to reach every family in the state as we continue to grown. Help us celebrate 20 years of preventing child abuse through a cycle of giving. No gift is too small and any gift will make a difference in the life of a child.

Please contact Janna Estep Jordan to make your gift today.