The following volunteer opportunities reflect a sampling of opportunities available to help move the mission of preventing the abuse and neglect of Kentucky’s children forward. Each opportunity falls within varied scopes of prevention activity; some opportunities can be conducted on a one-time-only basis, while others require an ongoing commitment from the volunteer. Depending upon the activity chosen, PCAK staff will provide guidelines and trainings in order to ensure a rewarding volunteer experience.

Resource Library/Public Awareness Tools

Bundle brochures

Review materials (such as videos) and write a review of the product

Kids Are Worth It! Conference

Assist with registration

Serve as a workshop Ambassador

Provide and/ or Solicit door prizes

Provide and/ or Solicit sponsorships

Child Abuse Prevention Month (April)

Involve local community members in implementing a campaign

Assist with the delivery of and/or support a local event

Publish information on your website, blog or in your newsletter

Solicit “Penny Campaign” collection box locations

Sponsor a Pinwheel Campaign


Serve as general office volunteer (answer phones, help with mailings, data entry, etc.)

Special Events/Fundraising

Conduct research on foundations and other funding sources to determine “fit” with PCAK programs

Solicit sponsorships and/or door prizes for various special events

Recruit volunteers for special events (ranging from registration, to Audio-Visual assistance, etc.)

Conduct research on special events/ideas to determine feasibility for improvement or implementation

Serve as a volunteer at an event

Public Awareness/Outreach

Contact “spheres of influence” requesting PCAK inclusion in newsletters (i.e. schools, companies, hospitals, etc.)

Contact companies with marquees (i.e. restaurants, movie theaters) to request a Child Abuse Prevention Month (or general awareness message during other months) message be displayed

Assist with outreach to the faith community

Assist with the development of a Speaker’s Bureau

Be trained as a speaker to become part of the PCAK Speaker’s Bureau

Compare Child Protective Services (CPS) and Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) laws in Kentucky to those in other states (criminal aspects in addition to policy procedures) to identify the gaps in Kentucky’s laws and policies

Compile a media mailing list and contacts with email, fax and phone numbers

Translate materials into Spanish

Conduct outreach to solicit donations of used cell phones

Contact birthing hospitals in designated areas for SBS materials distribution

Compile listing of OBGYN/Prenatal info in designated areas for SBS distribution

Assist with proactive approach on legislation (i.e. drafting templates of letters for distribution to network, etc.).

Assist with securing Continuing Education Units in several disciplines (requires phone calls, paperwork, follow-up, record-keeping)

Assist with outreach to the medical community


Place follow-up phone calls to program recipients (based on their agreement to receive such calls) to conduct additional evaluation

Input various evaluation results into a computer spreadsheet

Compile a database of all medical providers in the state