Parent Education

To meet the responsibilities of parenthood many individuals appreciate the assistance found from neighbors, friends, support group programs and caring communities.  Supporting and engaging a parent is central to promoting safety, permanency and well-being among children and families.  A way communities may engage parents is by implementing parent education and support group programming in local neighborhoods to promote enhanced parenting skills. 

PCAK has been the umbrella organization for statewide parent education, support and self-help groups for more than 25 years. Through a network of providers across Kentucky parents are able to discuss common concerns and challenges facing them as parents, while learning basic skills that offer a model of appropriate parenting behavior. Parents learn the basics of child development and the needs of their children in effort to parent appropriately.  Providers make available information about local resources, teaching skills on how to navigate these resources in a manner that allows individuals to improve their support system.
PCAK supports the philosophy that an effective parent education program should be held on a weekly basis for a minimum of 12 consecutive sessions in order to observe behavioral changes in participants.  Referrals to these groups come from the court system, Child Protective Services, mental health centers, as well as from individuals who want to become better parents.

To learn more about the self-help, parent education and support group providers serving your area of Kentucky, please contact Joel Griffith,