What can YOU do TODAY?

  • Encourage fathers. Tell them they are doing a great job! Point out the positive.
  • Take the time to engage and include fathers as it relates to their children. Don't make assumptions about them not wanting to be involved in their children's activities and experiences.
  • Give dad a break. Offer to take kids out to eat or for a walk.
  • Offer to assist with seeking resources or seeking appropriate child care.
  • Offer to assist with transportation to and from activities.

Some Great Online Resources for Fathers and Fatherhood Programs

The purpose of this list is to offer a starting point through which information aimed at strengthening levels of father involvement in the lives of children and meeting the needs of fathers may begin to freely flow.Instead of an exhaustive list of resources and programs, it is meant to serve as a “quick access guide” for fathers and professionals.Many valuable resources are available on the websites listed below that are targeted both for fathers and professionals alike.

Some materials posted on these websites may be copyrighted and users will need to seek permission from the author before reproducing them, while other resources have been placed on the Internet explicitly for wide use and dissemination by their creators.Please ensure all guidelines are followed regarding the reproduction of any copyrighted material contained on any of the websites!

It is our hope you will enjoy and benefit from these fantastic websites!

General Parenting Information for Dads (and Moms)

·Circle of Parents

oDownloadable Tip Sheets for Parents



oWhat Fathers Contribute to Child Development


Activities for Dads and Kids

·Long Distance Dads

o20 Long Distance Activities for Dads at a Distance




Informative Websites and Fatherhood Blogs

·Fathers.com ( NationalCenter for Fathering)


·Colorado Dads (coloradodads.com)

oFast Break for Dads


·About.com: Fatherhood




Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky takes no responsibility for content of these sites. However, we would like to receive your comments about sites listed here. Please email jgriffith@pcaky.org if you encounter problems through these links.

Resources for Professionals Working with Fathers

·National Fatherhood Initiative


·NationalQualityImprovementCenter on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System




·FRIENDS – NationalResourceCenter for Community Based Child Abuse Prevention

oFatherhood Resources


·Child Welfare Information Gateway

oFatherhood Resources


·National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse