5 Reasons to Give $5

Last year in Kentucky, 61,754 children were reported as the victim of abuse or neglect. It is because of these children we ask you to join us by participating in the “5 reasons to give $5” campaign.  Often individuals and groups want to make donations but feel they cannot give enough, or what they have to give is too little.  The 5 reasons to give $5 campaign is a way for everyone to contribute a little to a big cause, because every little bit counts.


Please join us in donating $5 to help prevent child abuse and ask 5 friends to give $5.


Your $5 could educate ten new parents on the dangers of shaking a baby.


When 5 friends give $5…..$25 could provide 13 families with support or referrals on

1-800-CHILDREN, a 24 hour/7 day a week helpline for parents, caregivers and professionals.


Participation is easy!


-You can give online now using a Visa or MasterCard, click here.

-Copy this link ( http://www.pcaky.org/5_reasons_to_give_five.html) and send it to 5 friends.

-Send a $5 check to PCAK, 801 Corporate Drive, Suite 120, Lexington, KY 40503. 


To learn how you can participate in this campaign as an individual, business, civic group, place of worship or other please click here.


The following materials are available for download:


5 reasons to give $5 poster

5 reasons to give $5 postcard sheet (to be cut into four small postcards for distribution)


Please review our programs and services and see what can be done to prevent the abuse and neglect of Kentucky’s children. For further information regarding this campaign please contact jestepjordan@pcaky.org or call 859-225-8879.