Conservatively, 1 out of 5 girls and 1 out of 10 boys will be victims of child sexual abuse before their 18th birthday (NCVS, 2012).  Child sexual abuse is the most under reported form of child maltreatment. Through trainings of adults and tools for parents and organizations, PCAK has a multi-faceted approach to preventing sexual abuse before it occurs.

·        Organizations, places of worship, schools, or athletic groups can receive training on protecting children from child molesters.

·        Parents have access to flyers and resources needed to understand what to look for when choosing a child care provider, school, or summer camp. Parents can also access a tool-kit focused on keeping children safe from dangers associated with the internet and technology.

·        PCAK can provide technical assistance regarding best practices and protocol for child sexual abuse prevention in businesses or youth serving organizations.

A $30 donation can provide 157 parents with information on reducing the risk of child sexual abuse.  

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